Tylia’s Story

Tylia (Left) with Congresswoman Jackie Speier!

I am a Mom of a young woman, who developed Alopecia Areata at the age of 13. We had no idea what was happening when it occurred. This was a very difficult time in a teens life, for something so radical to occur. Not that any age is a good time, but this is a critical time when self image is so important.. Our life as a family came undone. We learned what this was, and the costs of wigs, and our budget was not a match. We saw that our outgoing, sports minded , athletic daughter was fading away. This became a total nightmare. Just when I was beginning to loose hope, a relative mentioned Locks Of Love. We contacted them, and told them what has happened. I was so grateful for the caring , informative, nurturing support we received then, and today. These people care. The wig our daughter received gave her, her confidence back, to the point that she went back to playing soccer and swimming again. This to us was a miracle. Yes, we still have our up days and down days, but it is all good. Locks of Love has given us back that molecule of Hope, that a person with Alopecia Areata can continue to have a great life and not worry about whether that wig is going to fly off in the middle of the soccer field. That is not an issue with those comfortable secure sealed wigs. We are so grateful for all the help we have received over the years from Locks of Love. I just want to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Linda B

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Chandler’s Story

I have had the privilege of having Locks of Love a part of my life for 13+ years now. Being a part of this incredible organization completely honors me. Knowing that I won’t stand out in a crowd because of them is such an amazing feeling. A huge thank you to Madonna for starting this organization and giving girls like me hope and strength to go through out our day with confidence. Knowing that people like Locks of Love and Madonna truly care and know what dealing with this is like brings much joy to my heart. I could never say thank you enough to them or anybody at the LOL office.

Sincerely, Chandler

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