Maygan’s Story

My journey through Locks Of Love as been empowering, supportive, positive and most of all they have given me the self confidence to wear my beautiful hairpiece or not to wear one at all.

Going to the LOL camp this past summer was such a positive one, we got to meet other girls that were around the same age. We were shy at first but as the night went on we couldn’t wait to be with each other again. We were entertained through out the day, and when we had free time we were still together. I was one of three girls that didn’t have our hairpieces on and that was OK too. We inspired the other girls to be them selves and to be comfortable with how they looked. And we all still stay in contact with each other. I am from Canada and one of the girls travels with her hockey team, she was going to be 1 1/2 hours away, and our families were able to meet up again.

I am grate to LOL for everything, our new friendships, to believe in yourself, and to go out and inspire others

❤️ Maygan


Maygan with her Caricature drawing from Summer Camp!

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