“Got Hair? Please Share!”

Back in  April, 2014 my daughter and I held our first ever “Got Hair? Please Share!” Locks of Love pony tail drive. We have collected a total of 104 ponytails. For many it was their first time donating but, for a few dedicated ladies this was just another golden opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

As a part of the fun of the ponytail drive, we kept track of the longest ponytail. I was sure the record would go to one of the ladies from our church, one whose hair hung long and beautifully, practically to her knees. The day of the drive we measured and cut her ponytail, it was 24 inches! This was not her first time donating either. A while later a man walked in, I approached him and asked if I could help him. He said, “Well yes I would like to donate my ponytail.” He pulled out a long gorgeous braid that measured 27 and half inches! I was stunned.

There are so many I need to take a moment to thank, So many came and donated, and came to help. When my daughter and I decided to do the ponytail drive I was not sure how to go about doing it, or where to go for help. I thought of a friend who is the instructor for the cosmetology program at Trinidad State Junior College. Without hesitation she offered to cut and style hair for the event. They came and made everyone feel pampered and beautiful, they were a huge part in making our ponytail drive a success.

I am truly proud and humble to be a part of this community, as well as totally in awe of Locks of Love. They are a small group of dedicated, phenomenal people who give their time to give our girls their self esteem back. I had the pleasure of meeting these selfless people when my daughter and I were invited to Florida for the Locks of Love camp. All expenses were paid for by Locks of Love. They pampered our minds, bodies, and spirits, and asked absolutely nothing in return.

This goes to show, it is not just our Little valley that has heroes with humble giving spirits.

Mariah and I plan to continue to have ponytail drives and I will continuing sharing the amazing Locks of Love story. I sincerely thank all who have helped with our ponytail drive. We could not have done it with out your help and support. Each strand is truly a Lock of Love. Thank you!

Theresa (Mother) and Mariah.