Jordyn’s Story

Jordyn at the beginning of her Freshmen year!

Locks Of Love,

My daughter Jordyn Daring was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis at the age of two years old, by the time she was four years old she had completely lost all of her hair including her eyelashes.  We had heard about Locks Of Love and when Jordyn had reached the age of six years old we applied for her first hairpiece at which that time the new vacuum seal hairpieces were just announced and being her age and in swimming lessons and just out being a kid we took the opportunity to try it out, and she has been getting them ever since. She is now a Sophomore in high school, is Co-Captain of her color guard in the school’s marching band and has enjoyed every hairpiece she has received. We have a tradition every eighteen months when she is due for another fitting for a new piece we will take this opportunity to do something “drastic” to the old hairpiece, we do anything from cutting it to a new hairstyle usually really short, or we color it to some wild outrageous color.  We had nothing but a wonderful experience with Locks Of Love, and we wanted to show our appreciation with a box of donations.  All of these were donated from a Cut-A-Thon I hosted for Jordyn, to show awareness for Alopecia and it’s disease, along with educating about donating hair for a good cause to charities like Locks Of Love.   We want to send these and hope they will make other children as happy as Locks Of Love has made us happy through out these tough times. We can’t thank you enough!


Trista Walker (Jordyn’s mom)
and Jordyn Daring.