Sierra’s Story

My name is Sierra and I have been a recipient through Locks of Love since the beginning of 9th grade (now going into my 3rd year of college). I never knew what I was ever going to do with myself because I had such low confidence in myself. Because of my alopecia and because of Locks of Love I have grown into a person who I really love because I love my alopecia! When I didn’t have hair, I finally stepped up to apply to LOL and it is honestly a life changing experience and will continue to help me build my own confidence as a person. Locks of Love is a GREAT CHARITY that does so much to help young girls like me. Thank you Locks of Love, Madonna, Courtney, and Abby for what you all do and thank you to all the hard workers who volunteer their time to help at LOL. ps this is me at day 3 of no eyebrows and still people compliment me on hair = LOL Hairpiece)