Sophie’s Story

My name is Amy Midura and my daughter has alopecia areata.  Sophia began to develop patches at 6 years old.  I, myself have alopecia universalis so you can imagine my dismay when I first spotted these patches!  I didn’t want my daughter to go through this.  When I lost my hair at the age of 19 there wasn’t much in the way of support groups or help.  We chased her spots for a few more years and by the summer of 2013 her hair was mostly gone.

Through a friend whose daughter was going through the same thing I came upon Locks of Love.  Let me just tell you how amazing this was!  My sunshine rainbow child was back!  She wants to educate everyone she meets on Alopecia!  She has given talks to her classes, read books to them, and pretty much been a leader to them!  Everyone adores this exuberant, lively, energetic, vivacious, cheerful, full of life girl!  Locks of Love helped her stay her true self!

With her vacuum hairpiece she is able to be her “normal” self!  She can swim, play soccer, climb trees, hang from the monkey bars and feel secure.  Sure, there are times she goes without her hair piece and she is just as exuberant- but the security in knowing she look as normal as the rest of her peers is worth more than gold!  People sometimes say “Embrace your new you! Embrace your baldness- go bare!”  Well I can tell you this- I think that embracing something has to be on your own terms.  I’ve embraced my new me but it may not be the way Sophia embraces herself.  It’s a difficult thing to expected to be different in this world when you didn’t choose the way you are now different.  If we chose to shave our heads and express ourselves that way- that is different than when the choice was taken away from you due to a disease process.  I think we have way too many pressures on girls from society as it is – to heap another expectancy on them.  I don’t want my daughter to ever feel less than she is because someone told her to embrace her baldness was to be bare.  I wouldn’t want anyone to pressure her into wearing a hair piece if she didn’t want to either.  Locks of Love has helped my precious, beautiful, alopecian girl be her own definition of normal- and for that I am ever grateful!

Thank you!
Amy & Sophie