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False social media posts

Many of our recipients and supporters have reported a post on Facebook that contains FALSE information about Locks of Love. Although this post originated 2 years ago, it continues to be circulated on social media. The post speaks to an alleged phone call to LOL and says they discovered “sure enough they charge people for the hair that is being donated”. While we cannot say if such a phone call occurred at all, we know that it was NOT RECEIVED at “Locks of Love”. Our recipients receive their custom hairpieces FREE OF CHARGE, and no one at LOL would have given this inaccurate information.

Unfortunately, our name is and has been used by many to bring attention to themselves or their cause. Facebook recognizes it is used as a vehicle for spreading “fake news” and has provided a link for reporting these. Although the facts are easily accessible on our web site we were encouraged by many, who know the truth, to post this statement. PLEASE SHARE and ask your friends to share this truthful information.