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Locks of Love partnered with Pantene and ShopRite for the “CARE BEYOND HAIR” event. Pantene and ShopRite stores host an event to encourage donors to donate hair in over 40 stores in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Financial contribution from Proctor and Gamble paid directly to Locks of Love. Trellance, Inc chose Locks of Love for their annual “People Helping People” campaign for their over 50 credit unions. This transactional event generated a direct financial contribution to Locks of Love and an On-site awareness campaign at all branches during the months of September to November.


Locks of Love Completed 58 custom-made vacuum prostheses and repaired 1. Another 53 children are in various stages of repair and manufacturing process. Reapplications 39 and new applications 49. 36 Synthetic hairpieces were also provided to children suffering from short-term hair loss.


LOL Summer Camp 10th Anniverasary

Locks of Love Official Twitter and Instagram are launched



Marks a total of $3.7 million in research funded by LOL

Locks of Love provided $500,000 in funding to Columbia University for Alopecia research. 259 custom-made vacuum prostheses/wigs were provided to recipients with another 147 in production and near completion. Locks of Love held its 6th annual 4-day “Summer Camp” for 15 recipients (and a parent) facing the same daily challenges of living with alopecia. Locks of Love also published 1 newsletter mailed to recipients and donors. A new Blog Website and Facebook page were started to better inform the donors on the services Locks of Love provides as well as to share the recipient journey.


Locks of Love Official Facebook page is launched


LOL holds its first summer camp in June of 2008

Ann Curry donates her hair to Locks of Love, live on “The Today Show” on March 1st, 2006



Charity Navigator rates LOL with their highest rating of 4 stars

Jay Leno cut Sammy Hagar’s hair for LOL on “The Tonight Show”


Featured in PEOPLE Magazine