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Kids playing with toys and painting with watercolors

Returning Smiles to Their Rightful Owners!

Locks of Love hairpieces are not “wigs”, rather they are custom full cranial prostheses made specifically to fit only one child. Our recipients complete a mold of their heads and this exact duplicate is used to fashion their hairpiece. The silicone base allows for a vacuum fit, eliminating the need for double-sided tape or glue, used to hold “wigs” in place. With the absence of these adhesives, the kids can swim, shower, participate in sports, sleep-overs and other activities without the fear of their hairpiece falling off or being displaced. This confidence to participate in their normal daily activities renews their self-confidence and self-esteem. With a base tinted to match their skin color, the illusion of a scalp accomplishes a realistic and natural looking head of hair. We’re very proud to provide the highest quality hair replacement system for our recipients. The process is lengthy but worth the wait! We also provide a “wig” for them to wear while waiting for their “custom” hairpiece. Once worn, their smiles return naturally!