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Shannon made the big cut LIVE on Facebook when Drew donated 15″ of his famous hair to Locks of Love! We greatly appreciate Drew’s donation and support!
For the eighth year, the Locks of Love Summer Camp brought together recipients from around the country to West Palm Beach, Fl. Much of the weekend was spent outdoors, where they enjoyed many of the fun water activities South Florida has to offer. Most importantly, campers bonded while sharing stories and learning from each other’s experiences.
Many of our recipients and supporters have reported a post on Facebook that contains FALSE information about Locks of Love. Although this post originated 2 years ago, it continues to be circulated on social media.
Many years ago a very talented photographer, model and graphic artist gifted us with a beautiful photograph taken at a “Locks of Love” fundraiser. This image became our “thank you” postcard sent to hair donors who provide their mailing addresses.